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Care for All

The foundations of chiropractic care are the same whether you are nine months old or ninety-five.  We adapt our techniques to suit the patient, to make the care safe, sound and effective, no matter if you are a pregnant mum, a great-grandfather, a newborn baby, or a professional athlete.   At Tree of Life Wellness we are privileged to serve multiple generations of families. We embrace the wellness model of care that sees chiropractic as a form of preventative medicine.  We aim to lower levels of disease by treating the whole body, rather than symptoms.  

Why Chiropractic? 

Improved mobility, reduced stress, and higher levels of energy are just a few of the positive effects of chiropractic care.  Research shows that these benefits decrease the incidence of anxiety and depression, increase our immunity, encourage more physical activity (which is a precursor to health), and fuel our bodies with the zest necessary to become more vibrant members of our families, neighbourhoods, and communities.  More importantly, this level of wellness gives us the fuel to continue to enrich our own lives, and to thrive to our full potential.  

How Can We Help?

-   Low Back Pain   -   Neck Pain   -   Mid-Back Pain   -   Headaches and Migraines   -   Disc Problems   -

-   Sciatica   -   Tendonitis   -   TMJ (Locked Jaw)   -   Vertigo   -   Postural Problems   -   Scoliosis   -

-   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  -   Whiplash   -   Foot Pain and Orthotic Irregularities   -   Biomechanics 

Conditions   -   Conditions of the Extremities   


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