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Biomechanical expertise is a hallmark of chiropractic: it helps you move better, more effeciently, and with less propensity to injury.  We aim to see our athletes improve their performance on the field, on the track, in the pool, or wherever their athletic endeavours might take them.  Evidence- based protocols give us the edge in the prevention of injury.   With our    specialisation     in   treating musculoskeletal conditions, we strive to get you back on the field as soon as possible if injury does occur.


We use an evidence-based multidisciplinary approach to help you train, gain strength and speed, recover, and perform at your highest level.  With our extensive training in the science of exercise, sports and pain management, we have had high success, time and again, in the rehabilitation of our athletes and active patients.  We have worked with marathoners, triathletes, local sports clubs, professional teams, and athletic novices in North America and Australia

Top athletes from around the world use chiropractic care to optimise their    athletic   potential.   From Usain Bolt to Michael Jordan, chiropractic has worked to prevent injuries and improve performance at a professional level. Top athletic and olympic teams employ  chiropractors in their medical staff, from AC Milan Football Club to the New York City Ballet Company.  

Professional & amateur athletes have walked through our doors.  So have weekend golfers, die-hard joggers, and novices to exercise class. Our patients, time again, have shown that chiropractic care has improved their comfort, longevity, & potential on the field.  Movement is essential to good health: our aim is to help everyone get their body moving in comfort and without injury. 


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